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40th Silent Disco - What a fantastic night.  It was very strange dancing and then taking off the headphones to see everyone else dancing with no music in the room.

21st Birthday Party - Challenging the DJ to a battle to see who could get the most colours on the headphones was fantastic.

At our Silent Discos, everybody on the dance floor wears a set of wireless headphones to hear the music.  Anybody who is not wearing one will not hear anything - ideal if you have noise limits at your chosen venue.

The music is transmitted to the listeners headphones from the DJ via our transmitters.

Each set of headphones has a 'Change Channel' button that allows you to choose between the three music channels available and a volume control so you can have the music as loud or quiet as you like.

As well as being very practical, it is possibly one of the funniest things you will ever see on a dance floor, as people listening to different styles of music will be dancing very differently from each other. 

Wedding Dj


We will arrive 45 to 60 minutes to set up the equipment and lighting for your silent disco.  We would generally start with some background music through the sound system to allow everybody to collect their headphones before we change over and play on up to 3 channels through the headphones.

The DJ will discuss any additional requirements you may have and of course if you or your guests have requests on the night we are more than happy to accept them.

At the end of the night we will finish the party in style and then require 30 minutes to remove all the equipment from the venue.

Please have a look around and don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help create the party you deserive.

QM Disco

With 3 decicated channels your DJ will play a live mix on channel 1.  We would then play a preselected mix on channel 2 and channel 3 can be used for a 2nd preselected mix or allow you and your guests to connect your own phones/ipods to play your own music.


Professional DJ
Silent Disco Headsets
- per person
Backup Sound System

Full Light Show

Lighting Bar
Laser Machine
Smoke / Bubble Machine

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